Recent Work


A Latino Tragedy


The Undoing of Venezuela

Venezuela, once the envy of Latin America, is disintegrating before our eyes. The Bolivar, the nation's currency, has the value of confetti, power blackouts are common across the country, food and everyday staples are gone, hospitals are is a nation in the throes of collapse. These are photographs from the first of an ongoing series of trips I will be taking to the country in 2019.


East of Everything

"Even in Siberia, there is hapiness." - Anton Chekov

Rapidly melting permafrost is altering Siberia's landscape, economy and demographics. Birds and fruits never seen before are taking root, reliable generators of income including fish and game are becoming harder to get to market. The ice highways, the crucial network stitching this remote world together are thawing out earlier and freezing later, stranding trucks in muddy quagmires.

The legendary Siberian winters may become just that, legend.


Liberia's Long Road Back

Few places in the world have endured as much pain and hardship as the small West African country of Liberia. Two brutal civil wars traumatized the nation and in 2014 an Ebola epidemic ravaged the country, killing thousands. The resilient people of what is by many measures, the world's poorest nation, are trying to feel optimistic about the country's future. Liberia, founded by freed North American slaves, has a unique history which is woven into its faith, language and customs. These photographs were made in early 2019 and are just a brief glimpse into the life of Liberia and her people as they slowly make their way down the long road back.